What's going on?

Meet Elizabeth Pape!
This morning after 8am, tune in for the latest edition of our Wake Up: Unpugged series.
Meet Johnny Rocker
Later this morning we feature the fourth installment of our latest feature, Wake Up: Unplugged.
Meet Lexi Parr!
Tomorrow morning on the Y105 Wake Up we welcome our latest singer for Wake Up: Unplugged.
Meet Ace Jones!
Later this morning (10-14) stay tuned for our latest installment of Wake Up: Unplugged.
New Morning Show Segment
Tomorrow morning on the Y105 Wake Up, we'll introduce a brand new segment called 'Wake Up: Unplugged.'
My Best Memory
Sadly, the world lost a great one yesterday with the death of actor Gene Wilder.
Win Our Last Backpacks
So you're already seeing it, right? Everybody is posting their first-day-of-school pictures to social media... well, Y105 wants to see them, too!
Helping Sick Kids!
I heard that Clarke University students were doing a fundraiser for the University of Iowa Children's Hospital this weekend...
Win A Free Pedicure!
The weather is warming up. Before you know it, we'll have our sandals and flip-flops out! Are your feet ready?
FXB: The Results
Things have been busy. Sorry for taking so long to put this last blog up.
FXB: Week 9 Update
Today me and Bruce started week 10 at Farrell's Extreme Bodyshaping... our FINAL week of the 10-week challenge.