On Saturday, my wife and I attended a wedding in Belle Plaine, MN as my cousin, Annie, got married. It was an outdoor ceremony in an apple orchard and to say it was hot would be an understatement.

It was sweat-dripping-clothes-drenched-hot and all I could do was imagine how unbearable it would be to have to wear a wedding dress or tux and take hundreds of pictures outside before the ceremony.

If you're getting married outside this summer, check out this article from Bridal Guide to help you make some (frankly) necessary arrangements for your guests!

Kudos to Annie and Ben (the Groom), they had this wedding ceremony well-planned with bottles of cold water and umbrellas at the site of the ceremony.

The wedding was a blast and I know my family will all look back to that ceremony (which started nearly 30 minutes late...the venue's fault, not the wedding party's) and will brag about it as kind of a badge of honor....with a sweat stain.