Just a few short weeks after its Season 2 release, 13 Reasons Why has been renewed for a third season.

Netflix announced the news via a teaser on Wednesday (June 6), revealing the teen drama will return with 13 episodes in 2019. Based on the show's timeline thus far, it should hit sometime in spring or early summer: Its first installment premiered in March 2017, and its second in mid-May of this year.

Though initially billed as a mini-series, 13's buzzy — if controversial — reception helped secure it a second run. It's faced heat for its approach toward heavy issues like suicide, sexual assault, and gun violence, with some arguing it goes too far and others contending the topics it broaches help to spark important discussion about the problems facing today's youth. Netflix, apparently, lands on the latter side of the debate.

As far as where 13 will pick up next year, there were a lot of lingering questions left by its Season 2 finale. Likely, it will explore any consequences Tyler may face (and Clay, for covering for him), how he'll deal with his trauma and mental health moving forward, and what Chloe will decide to do regarding her pregnancy. Fans also shouldn't expect to see much more of Hannah (Katherine Langford): Executive producer Mandy Teefy said last month that, at this point, she couldn't see how the character's inclusion "wouldn't feel forced."

See the Season 3 announcement below.

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