In 2002, Brandy was at a crossroad in her career. The R&B star who had grown from a teenage phenom into a young woman before the world's eyes, was stepping into adulthood, which meant a shift in her image, style, and the content of her music.

Arriving on the scene in 1994 with her multi-platinum self-titled debut, Brandy would quickly capture the hearts of urban America, as well as the mainstream, who embraced her as the next black pop queen in the mold of the likes of Whitney Houston and other crossover stars.

Having established herself as a force to be reckoned with heading into the release of her 1998 sophomore release, Never Say Never, Brandy would see a leap in her maturation and artistry, teaming up with Rodney "Darkchild" Jenkins for one of the most celebrated and cohesive R&B albums of the late-'90s. Selling over 16 million copies worldwide, Never Say Never turned Brandy into one of the biggest artists in R&B music.

Taking nearly four years to unveil her third studio album, Brandy would make her long-awaited return in 2002 with Full Moon, an album that continued her artistic progression and presented the songstress as a grown woman and having shed any of her teenybopper tendencies.

More than a decade after the release of Full Moon, and 20 years after first wowing the public, Brandy is remembered as one of the brightest R&B stars during the '90s.

In celebration of its 15th anniversary, we dusted off Brandy's landmark album and selected the five best songs from the collection. Take a listen below.

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    "Full Moon"


    Full Moon's most impressive moment comes via the album's title track, which would announce the completion of Brandy's evolution as an artist. Released as the second single from the LP, "Full Moon" peaked at No. 18 on the Billboard Hot 100 chart and was accompanied by a music video, which received considerable rotation on music video countdowns. Produced by Mike City, "Full Moon" is one of the finer R&B jams of its era and the definitive selection of Brandy's run in the new millennium.

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    "Like This"


    Another highlight from the album is "Like This," an upbeat track that finds Brandy hitting on all cylinders. Produced by Darkchild, this organ-powered jam is beautiful and melodic. The song garners plenty of enjoyment with repeated listens.

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    "It's Not Worth It"


    "It's Not Worth It" is one of the deeper cuts from the LP. Produced again by Darkchild, the song is a quintessential mid-tempo ditty. On the track, Brandy is pleading with the man in her life to give another shot at love. Overall, it's one of the more plush soundscapes on the album.

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    "What About Us"

    "Why don't you return my calls? / Why you trip 'bout where I be?," Brandy ponders on "What About Us," a jittery track from Full Moon. Produced by Darkchild, the track finds the R&B singer taking a lover to task for his broken promises and continuous neglect. The LP's lead single peaked at No. 7 on the Billboard Hot 100 chart and would extend Brandy's streak of hit songs.

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    "When You Touch Me"


    "All I can do is sit and think about the way you used to love me, the way you used to hold me, and the way you used to touch me," Brandy whispers on "When You Touch Me," a standout track on the collection. Powered by drum kicks, hollow snares, guitars, and keys, the Darkchild and Big Bert co-produced slow jam is perfect for Brandy's intense yearning and serves as a complimentary soundbed. Brandy's impressive vocals shine bright on this ballad.


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