Less than one week after (White) comedian Bill Maher caught heat for using the N-word during an episode of his HBO show Real Time With Bill Maher, comedian Jay Mohr's caused controversy for doing essentially the same thing.

Recently, the comedian jumped into an odd N-word-laced Twitter rant while reacting to the instantly memorable video of Boosie BadAzz recounting a time when he walked in on two men having sex while in prison. Mohr seemed to find irony in people reacting more to the Baton Rouge, La. artist's apparent homophobia than his heavy usage of the N-word.

"LIL Boosie says Nigga 19 times but twitter accusing him of Being homophobic," Jay wrote. In another tweet he remarked on another Twitter user being called corny, saying, This nigga just got called corny." Yikes.

As we said before, Maher found himself in hot water for doing something similar. While making an ill-fated joke last week, Maher used the term, "house nigger." In the aftermath, Chance The Rapper and plenty of Twitter users have called for HBO to cancel Maher's Real Time show.

While it doesn't, at this point, appear that will happen, Maher will face a bit of reckoning this week. On Friday (June 9), Maher's all set to host Ice Cube and the two will apparently speak about Maher's usage of the N-word. Should be interesting, to say the least.

See Mohr's controversial tweets below. He's apparently been using the word in his comedic routines for years now.

Peep Boosie's prison story below Mohr's tweets.

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