Fans of Nashville were devastated when star Connie Britton — the beloved Rayna Jaymes — departed the show in Season 5. But is there a chance she'll appear in the series finale?

Nashville Executive Producer Mitchell Herskovitz opens up about the show's direction in its final season in an interview with TV Guide, revealing that while an appearance by Britton in the finale is not likely, it is up in the air at this point.

When asked if there's a possibility Rayna will return in a flashback or dream sequence, Herskovitz says he doesn't have definite answer, but in no way wants fans to get their hopes up.

"The honest answer to that is there is no answer ... I just don't know. I suppose it's possible it could happen, but I wouldn't count on it. I just don't think it's really been explored," he says. "In other words, anything I say will lead people to speculate in one direction or another. And I would say that, at this moment, there's nothing to speculate about."

How Did Rayna Die? And Why?

Britton left Nashville in early 2017 — Rayna was involved in a car accident that ultimately took her life halfway through Season 5. Fans were shocked by her death, as Britton had stated in an interview on the Ellen DeGeneres Show that she was "in for the duration" before the season aired. She later thanked fans for their passion for both the show and her character.

Nashville heads into its sixth and final season on Jan. 4 on CMT, starting at 9PM ET. Several of the cast members reacted to the news of the show's final days with gratitude, thanking fans for their endless support.

"All of us on Nashville are so incredibly grateful to the show's fans, who convinced CMT to give us a chance to keep telling the story of these remarkable characters," Herskovitz says in a statement. "And we want to return the favor with a final season that celebrates all the joys and passions, twists and turns — and amazing music! — that made Nashville such an exciting journey for the last six years."

Nashville Cast React to News the Show Is Ending

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