Everyone else is weighing in today, so why shouldn't I?

The excitement is high.  The Chicago Cubs play the Cleveland Indians tonight for game seven of the World Series.

I keep saying it but I still can't believe it.  The World Series.

While I can't tell you all the players names or stats, I can tell you I've been a life-long Cubs fan.

Growing up, my Aunt Gail lived in Chicago and my Great Uncle Manny had a nephew on the other side of our family that worked for Wrigley Field.

Each summer my dad and Grandpa Norb would climb in the car and make the long drive in to the big city to see a game.  With our family connection we were treated to seats that were two or three rows back from the visiting teams dugout.

With the sun shining on our heads and a great view of the ivy we'd sit back with the rest of the fans and watch our lovable losers struggle to put together a win.

I have memories of Dodger's manager Tommy Lasorda being asked for an autograph, then immediately being harassed for his weight as soon as he declined the request.

"Sorry, I've got a game to play!"

"Ahhhhh, have another Slim-Fast you fatty" replied a fan.

At another Dodger's game, Orel Hershiser was flirting a couple of cute ladies.

"Get me a hot dog and I'll get you a signed ball," he told the pretty girls.

Suddenly my dad started screaming "What do you want on it, Orel?!?!"  (I don't know why but I'll always remember that.)

Another time my dad bought me a huge tub of popcorn and after having it in my lap for 30 seconds I accidentally dumped the whole thing out on the ground.  He scolded me, then an old guy who felt bad for me went and bought another and filled my bucket with half of his.

Years later, I started visiting games with my good friends, Jeff and Coby.  We'd go in and stay with my Aunt Gail so we could make our way to a game or two.  We still go.  In fact, we try to travel to other cities every year to see our Cubbies playing at other stadiums.

I have great memories of great Cubs.

Jody Davis, Ryne Sandberg and Andre Dawson.  In later years we followed Sammy Sosa and his chase for a home run record with Mark McGuire of the St. Louis Cardinals.

How can we forget Mark Prior, Kerry Wood and the infamous Steve Bartman!

Today I think not just of the game, but of the experiences of a fan.  Sitting in in the bleachers with the hot sun on your head and a cold beverage in your hand, while another fan heckled the guy out in right.

Seeing the famous signs... the Budweiser house, 400 in dead center and the giant green scoreboard.

It's a place everyone should see once in their lifetime.

I also think today of the fans who aren't here to celebrate with us.

Sadly, my grandfather passed away a few years back.  So did my Aunt Gail, who I fondly remember calling me from time-to-time to ask, "How are our Cubbies doing?"

It's been 108 years since the Cubs last won a World Series.  It's been 71 since they've played in one.

Today I think of those fans who are no longer with us.  Mothers and fathers.  Grandpas and grandmas.  Aunts, uncles, brothers and sisters.

Sadly, whole generations have come and gone since the last Cubs World Series win.

Lets get this done.  Fly the W.  Go, Cubs, Go.