A Wisconsin island is on the move thanks to local residents and their high-powered boats.

A video of the island recently shared to X (formerly known as Twitter) is gaining attention thanks to the the unique way it is being moved in the waters of Lake Chippewa in the north central area of the state.

Why Does The Wisconsin Island Move?

The video shows fishing and pontoons boats surrounding the island. They fire up their engines as the island starts to glide across the water.

The boats continually reposition in mesmerizing pattern as they work to keep the island from uncontrollably floating away.

According to ChippewaFlowage.com, the island is more of a bog that was created after the land was flooded in 1923. What boaters see in the area now floated back to the surface after the flooding.

A bog may stay stationary for several years, but certain conditions can make them start to move in the water out of nowhere.

"A huge bog was located off of Deerfoot Lodge for more than 20 years," ChippewaFlowage.com states. "Then, high water combined with high winds moved the bog, which eventually broke up into smaller pieces that were further scattered."

Can They Remove The Bog From Chippewa Flowage?

CIFLScience.com says 20 boats were needed for the most recent bog move after floated to a point where it was blocking a bridge.

The website reports that some have suggested "blowing up" the bogs so they no longer have to be moved back into place.

Removal of the bogs, however, could have lasting effects on the area's ecosystem.

"The big bog in Chippewa Flowage has been around for decades, and in that time a wealth of animal and plant species have made it their home," IFLScience reported.

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