The Linn County Fair is more than just a gathering of livestock, grandstand events, and fair food; it's a vibrant celebration of community spirit and tradition. Among the myriad attractions gracing its stages and pavilions, one duo stands out: The Memories, hailing from Wisconsin and marking their impressive anniversary this year.

An impressive anniversary was celebrated this year

The Memories, comprised of Warren Petryk and Tim Stevens from Wisconsin, are celebrating their remarkable 52nd year together. Renowned for their enduring musical journey, The Memories consistently captivate audiences with a blend of music and humor that encapsulates the essence of joyous times. 

Over five decades, their performances have become synonymous with delivering not just music, but an experience brimming with laughter and nostalgia. Their upcoming show on Friday, June 28th, promises to uphold this tradition at the Farm Bureau Pavilion's free stage from 10 am to 2 pm.

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Canva/Linn Co Fair/TSM
Canva/Linn Co Fair/TSM

Warren Petryk and Tim Stevens have crafted a repertoire that spans the spectrum of emotions, from heartfelt ballads to lively tunes that get everyone tapping their feet. Their chemistry on stage reflects their deep-seated friendship and shared passion for entertaining, making each performance a testament to their enduring dedication to their craft and their audience. 

What can you expect from this duo?

Attendees can expect a morning filled with familiar melodies and infectious energy, as The Memories transport them through decades of cherished songs and stories. For anyone seeking a blend of music, laughter, and wonderful memories, The Memories show is a must-see event that promises to leave a lasting impression of camaraderie and celebration. 

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