Once in a while, I'll come across some "only in your state" story that's good for a chuckle or a memory. Recently, I came across a video on TikTok that reminded me of one such only-in-your-state type story from a few years back.

A giraffe living in Northeast Iowa?

I came across a TikTok video that reminded me, that a few years ago, we covered a unique critter "living" in an Iowa cornfield. Check out the video that is so insanely something you'll only see in Iowa.

@problem_kid09 Giraffe founded in one of Iowa’s Corn Field... #iowa #iowans #corn #cornfield #fyp #viral #giraffe #facebookpost ♬ original sound - Young CEO

What's so funny is, that we covered this story after an eagle-eyed listener pointed it out to us, and we had a DJ at the time that lived near Readlyn, where this "giraffe" was spotted.

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You can scroll to see more photos of him. Her? Or let's just say "it" down below. Now obviously this fella is simply a cardboard cutout of the world's tallest mamal, and not the real thing. It didn't escape from the Blank Park Zoo in Des Moines to move to Readlyn, Iowa.

Still, the thought of a creature that loves to eat plants grazing in an Iowa cornfield is kind of precious. We have plenty more shots taken a few summers ago of our friendly Iowa giraffe.

Giraffe Spotted in Iowa

Don't look now... but there's a long-necked creature living in an Iowa cornfield!

Gallery Credit: James Patrick

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