Plenty of K-Pop acts can safely say they're killing the game this year.

From TWICE's chart-topping comebacks with "Knock Knock" and "Signal," to BTS's massive Wings re-release with You Never Walk Alone (not to mention that history-making 2017 Billboard Music Awards win!), to the forthcoming 10th anniversary reunion of Girls' Generation (and all their individual solo efforts in the past few months) to returns from the likes of EXO, Seventeen, BLACKPINK and Red Velvet, there's no shortage of excellence emanating from South Korea.

The question is: which one is the biggest success story?

Take into consideration everything that's happened this year so far — performances, comeback stages, awards show victories, album and single sales, YouTube views, public reception — and weigh in with who you believe truly stands out as 2017's biggest K-Pop success story thus far.

The poll ends on Tuesday, August 15 at noon EST.

K-Pop Idols Who Went Solo:

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