Cardi B was honored with the 2017 Spirit of Detroit Award over the weekend, but not everyone was happy with her receiving the accolade. Detroit rapper Kash Doll feels that B Cardi’s honor was “disrespectful” because she hasn't done anything for Detroit to receive such an award. Cardi is a native of the Bronx, New York.

"I can’t believe my city," Kash wrote on her Twitter page on Sunday (Oct. 29). "It's just weird. Nothing against her I just thought u had to put work in the city to get it like other artist in Detroit. Shit Disrespectful."

Detroit council members are passing the buck on the issue. Councilwoman Mary Sheffield said she didn’t request it, while councilman James Tate, believes that the matter is not as important as the bigger problems facing the city.

“Okay...since I’m getting a flood of tags and messages asking about his, I’ll respond," he told Detroit News. "The Cardi B Spirit of Detroit award was not presented by me or my office. The names on a Spirit of Detroit award are already pre-printed and available for any council member who chooses to use them. This is not even close to being the biggest issue we are facing in our city (and I’m not hating on her lol), but we’re trying to find out who provided it.”

For her part, Cardi B thanked Detroit for her award.

“I feel very special and blessed Thank you CITY OF DETROIT for giving me THE SPIRIT OF DETROIT AWARD Thank you Hot 107.5 radio station for making it happen”

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