Professional singer Katy Perry and her actor boyfriend Orlando Bloom recently engaged in one of the greatest birthday traditions of all time: shameless karaoke.

The couple reportedly attended Shannon Woodward’s 32nd birthday party this past Saturday (December 16), which took place at West Hollywood’s Blind Drag lounge, according to PEOPLE.

There, they -- along with a group of others, including Kate Micucci and Ronan Farrow -- shouted into the abyss a cover of Alanis Morissette’s biting 1995 single “You Oughta Know." Thankfully, Farrow posted a short clip of the festivities to Instagram for all to bear witness to:

Perry and Bloom -- who first started dating nearly a year ago -- are also reportedly planning on spending the holidays together, according to an earlier report from PEOPLE.

“They are planning a vacation for the holidays,” a source told the site, before also addressing the engagement rumors that have been circling the couple for several months.

“Orlando is very happy with Katy. They are not engaged yet, but are very serious,” they said, adding that the couple has been working to ensure their relationship stays strong through their busy — and sometimes conflicting — work schedules.

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