This morning, Lana Del Rey and The Weeknd released a new video for their track "Lust For Life," which Lana debuted in a live performance at KROQ's Weenie Roast Y Fiesta yesterday.

The video opens with a starry eyed Lana in a red dress and ribbons dancing dreamily behind a microphone on the set of a retro variety show. As the chorus kicks in, she runs beyond the set, and "Climb[s] up the H of the Hollywood sign" where she is helped up by The Weeknd.

As the video unfolds, Lana and the "Starboy" slow dance atop the sign and fly a ribbony red kite against a backdrop of the Los Angeles night sky. They savor the sweet moment serenading to each other "There's nobody here, just us together" and vowing that "we're the masters of our own fate."

The song and video come to a close as the lovers reach the edge of the signs "D" and slide into a bed of wildflowers. The camera pans out to display a peace sign made of all the lights twinkling around the world that night; a symbolic message of global peace, and a perfect encapsulation of Lana's nostalgic essence, and The Weeknd's galactic style.

The track will officially appear on Lana's fifth studio album (Lust For Life), which will be released later this year.


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