After Rasheeda's mother and Momma Dee made a scene at Scrappy's event, blasting Kirk about taking a pregnancy test; things took a sad turn when Rasheeda admitted to her mom that she has considered divorce. Nonetheless, Rasheeda was hesitant because she doesn't want to break up her family. But she was tired of dealing with people constantly talking about her.

Meanwhile, Karlie still won't let her relationship (or whatever it is) with Yung Joc go. So she paid him a visit and explained how he's hurt her so much. As she revealed all her issues with him, Karlie went from tearing up to a full-on sob. And while Joc felt bad for Karlie, he held firm that they aren't exclusive.

With all the women's problems on Love & Hip Hop Atlanta this season, Tammy thought it would be a good idea to have everyone get together for a big venting session. Bambi spoke about Scrappy's plans to leave Atlanta. Karlie revealed her issues with men and how she's been drinking more. Mimi talked about the pain she dealt with regarding Niko and the sex tape drama. Tammy shared that her issues with Waka Flocka Flame caused her to question her own worth. Karlie brought Sherri, who revealed that Shooter cheated on her with her assistant. And finally, Rasheeda finally broke down and explained how Kirk's latest round of infidelity has really made her question everything. At the end of the meetup, the ladies tossed different mementos into the bonfire to show that they are moving on. And Tammy suggested that they all needed to take trip together.

Although she wasn't invited to the bonfire, Tommie had her own emotional meetup with her mom. Before that meeting, KK met with Tommie's mom, who expressed that she felt that KK had taken over as Tommie's mother. But KK explained that she could never take her place; but pointed out that Tommie's mom should lay off the alcohol. And we got some kind of explanation as to from where Tommie may have inherited the same problem. Then KK got Tommie and her mom together. Unfortunately, it ended in a war between the two women, with security being called in and what could be the end of Tommie and her mom's relationship.

While all the women had their own sets of problems, Joseline seemed to be loving life. She's loving her time with Bonnie Bella, and she's now been offered a hosting gig on The Real.

But there was the beef between her and Karlie. But Melissa was hoping to get the two to make peace. But minutes after their meetup, the yelling began, and Karlie stormed out with Melissa and Jessica Dime following.

What is happening to Karlie? Will all the breakdowns be the end of this lady boss? And will Kirk ever take that paternity test? Tune in next week to find out.

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