Meet Malachi, an artist who's only just getting started — and he's doing it his way.

The up-and-coming 21-year-old multi-hyphenate, son of acclaimed actor Obba Babatundè, has garnered a substantial following already on social media. The R&B-pop singer-songwriter's already put in work in the recording studio with the likes of Sean Kingston, Jay Sean and Keyshia Cole among others — and based the sound of his debut track "Do It My Way," he'll be working with plenty of others soon enough.

"This song is the anthem to my life. It's about living everyday like it's an adventure and manifesting everything you want and desire with an energy that is supported by love, and positivity," Malachi tells PopCrush of his empowering first effort.

"All I wanna do is turn up on a Tuesday / Chill with the crew on Friday / Baby this is my life, I gotta live it my way," he breezily croons on the bouncy midtempo jam, accompanied by stings of synths and strings.

Take a listen to "Do It My Way" below.

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