A polarizing figure is at it again, proving that some food combinations are better left off the plate.

Ivanka Trump has made headlines, but this time it's for nothing political. No, she's made waves after word got out that she served hot dogs with marshmallows smothering them at her daughter's sixth birthday party.

Mouth-watering or stomach-churning? You decide.

As it turns out, this isn't some random combination of food you'd find in a college student's fridge. The dish is actually a Filipino treat, which maybe you will want to try, given that today is National Hot Dog Day.

Ivanka isn't the only one experimenting with mixing foods that sound like they go together about as well as peanut butter and Brussels sprouts. Famed chef and professional angry man Gordon Ramsay recently tasted a chocolate bacon pizza on an episode of Hotel Hell.

Chocolate? Good. Bacon? Good. Pizza? Good. All together. Bad. Very, very bad. Why, it's almost as bad as Ramsay's temper.

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