Miley's Most Outrageous Looks

When Miley Cyrus walks into a room, everyone notices.

From her signature tongue-out expressions to her off-the-wall antics, Miley will always make her presence known -- and that's whether you like it or not. She can't stop. She won't stop.

Aside from her in-your-face personality, she's also quite the risk-taker when it comes to style and isn't afraid to bare it all for the sake of fashion. While we love her in slim-fitting, elegant gowns for events like the Met Gala or the AMFAR Inspiration Gala, she's even more well known for rocking latex, flowers, pasties and a bunch of strategically placed balloons across her body.

No matter what she decides to wear, Miley just owns it.

We looked through the last few years of public appearances and gathered the most amazingly ridiculous, impressively weird looks Miley has every worn. Which one's your favorite? Scroll through up top. Just Dooo It!

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