News anchors often have to do puff pieces, but this guy wants none of it.

Simon McCoy is an anchor with the BBC who appeared to be utterly repulsed on Monday when he was forced to read a piece about the World Dog Surfing Championships, held over the weekend in Northern California. The cuteness overload was totally lost on him.

Simon, how can you not feel even just a little sense of joy reading this story? Dogs. Surfing. It's adorable.

With his attitude, all we can say is we'd bet the farm he'll never do morning TV, when puff pieces -- with and without animals -- are as rampant as traffic jams on the way to the office.

McCoy clearly had contempt for the story, but it didn't match the love the Twittersphere had for him. Who knew being annoyed would be such a likable quality? He should join Simon Cowell and Gordon Ramsay on the British Mount Rushmore of ticked off.

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