The EGOT is the name for a not-actually-real award that is comprised of four actual prizes in four different entertainment disciplines. To get an “EGOT” you’ve got to win an Emmy, a Grammy, an Oscar, and a Tony. Winning one of these awards is hard, winning several is extremely difficult; winning all four is nearly impossible. To date, there are only a dozen true EGOT winners, including Mel Brooks, Rita Moreno, Mike Nichols, and Whoopi Goldberg.

Yesterday at the Oscars, a man created a whole new level of EGOT: The Double EGOT. It’s like the Double Rainbow of insanely difficult awards. And the first person in history to achieve it is Robert Lopez, one half of the songwriting duo behind this year’s Best Original Song winner, Coco. Lopez and his wife, Kristen Anderson-Lopez, previously won an Oscar for “Let It Go” from Frozen. Lopez also won two Daytime Emmys for his work on The Wonder Pets, three Grammys for “Let It Go,” Frozen, and the album from The Book of Mormon, and three Tony awards for The Book of Mormon and Avenue Q. (Today I learned a Daytime Emmy qualifies you for an EGOT.)

Kudos to Lopez on this genuinely impressive achievement, which is also a reflection of his genuinely impressive body of work to date. (Frozen and Book of Mormon and Avenue Q and Coco? Damn man.) With Frozen about to hit Broadway and Frozen 2 in the works, I look forward to Lopez becoming the first Triple EGOT winner sometime around 2024.

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