Fresh off of killing his 5 Fingers of Death Freestyle with Sway, Tory Lanez continues to prove he's no slouch when it comes to rapping. On his new song "Pieces" from his latest album Memories Don't Die, Tory gets some help from 50 Cent, as he tells a tale of revenge.

Using the same Sting sample featured in Nas' "The Message," Tory's track kicks off with a few bars from 50 before the Toronto artist comes in and paints a picture of a young girl who is the victim of rape at the hands of her uncle. "He fell asleep on his sofa, then woke up a new persona/And walked inside of her room and told her remove her clothing/And forcefully started chokin' her and tellin' her not to move/Before she could even finish, she rolled out in tears and did it," he raps.

Similar to De La Soul's "Millie Pulled a Pistol on Santa," the unnamed girl in Tory's story eventually gets her revenge. "Ran off in her uncle's spot with the stainless steel/Put the burner to his face with this aim to kill/And said, she don't fuck with niggas, 'cause niggas is the reason/She got herself inside of this situation in the first place/Figured this intimidation was the worst case/She sat back and blew six in that boy face," the rapper spits.

While 50 only delivers a few bars on "Pieces," the Queens rapper's verse plays an important role in the song. 50's verse that kicks off the song actually takes place later in the story. "Adrenaline pumpin', heart pacer racing, altercations, we lit/Blood drip stain the ground, boy get down, you hit," 50 raps.

Along with 50 Cent, Tory's new album features guest appearances from Fabolous, Future, Nav, Wiz Khalifa and more.

Listen to "Pieces" below.

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