Later this morning (10-14) stay tuned for our latest installment of Wake Up: Unplugged.

Last week we introduced Meghan Davis from Scales Mound.

This week we'll chat with the inspiration for our new segment, Ace Jones from Marion.

Last week I mentioned catching Ace at the Dubuque Farmer's Market, which gave me for the idea for the segment.

Ace is originally from Sunnyvale, California and writes, produces and records his own stuff from his studio at home.  He's played street corners, fairs and festivals all over the United States while traveling with his wife and 3-year old son, Phoenix-Ryan.

This morning we’ll find out how Ace got started, what music he likes and what he aspires to do as a musician.  Then he’ll perform an acoustic tune for us!

If you want to learn more, visit his OFFICIAL WEBSITE or take a quick listen below.

So check out Ace later this morning...

If you know an artist that might be interested in joining us for a segment, have them hit me with an email at so we can get in touch.

‘Wake Up: Unplugged.’  Check it out this morning!