Tomorrow morning on the Y105 Wake Up, we'll introduce a brand new segment called 'Wake Up: Unplugged.'

A few weeks ago I was walking through Farmer's Market in downtown Dubuque and came across a guy performing named Ace Jones.

It was just a guy and his guitar, but when he strummed a chord and opened his mouth I immediately wondered why he wasn't being played on the radio.

That's when it occurred to me... hey, wait a minute... I'm on the radio!

Putting two-and-two together, I came up with a new segment for our morning show called 'Wake Up: Unplugged.'

Quickly looking around, I found there is no shortage of talented local musicians in the tristates.  I started making phone calls and many of the artists seemed eager to get on-air to plug themselves and their music.

So here we are... tomorrow morning our first installment.  We'll do it just after 8am each Friday morning.  You can expect to hear a variety of people as we get started.

I'm very excited to sit and chat with our first singer, Meghan Davis from Scales Mound.

Meghan has been a regular at venues like The Irish Cottage, Eagle Ridge Resort and the Diamond Jo Casino.

We'll find out how she got started, what music she likes musically and what she aspires to do as a musician.  Then she'll perform an acoustic tune for us!

If you want to learn more, visit her OFFICIAL WEBSITE or take a quick listen below.

So check out Meghan tomorrow... and listen next week for Ace!

If you know an artist that might be interested in joining us for a segment, have them hit me with an email at so we can get in touch.

'Wake Up: Unplugged.'  Check it out tomorrow morning!