50 Cent is not happy with some of his former lawyers, and he's making sure to hit them where it hurts in their pockets.

The Queens rap veteran has reportedly filed a lawsuit against the attorneys who represented him in his 2015 sex tape case against the baby mother of rapper Rick Ross. Fifty lost the lawsuit, and was ordered by a judge to pay $5 million to her, which eventually led him to file for bankruptcy shortly after.

Now, the MC believes that his lawyers at the time mishandled the case, and is seeking $32 million in two types of damages. Reports say that 50 claims that attorney Peter Raymond sabotaged the proceedings of his court battle with Lastonia Leviston, and that the faulty handling of the case is what caused him to file for bankruptcy.

The court claim states, "Reed Smith and Raymond did not follow established legal standards in representing Jackson in the Leviston Case by failing to provide effective representation and conduct proper pre-trial and trial preparation prior to the Leviston trial. In addition, their lack of effective representation and inadequate pre-trial preparation and preparation for trial caused Jackson to retain new counsel on the eve of trial."

In the lawsuit, Fifty is suing the team that used to represent him of breach of fiduciary duty and malpractice. Hopefully things can get worked out between 50 and the legal team in the near future.


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