Much hasn't been heard from 6ix9ine these last few months, but the rapper has resurfaced via a Twitch livestream.

Video clips from one of Twitch personality Adin Ross' recent streams began circulating online on Tuesday (Jan. 18) after he appeared to have spotted his sister hanging out with Tekashi via the "Fefe" rhymer's own livestream. Shocked and completely taken aback, Ross spazzes out after noticing a woman he believes is his sibling in 6ix9ine's background with the rhymer's friends.

"Wait... wait, why is my sister with Tekashi?" Ross inquired, visibly perplexed by what he was seeing. "Whoa ,whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa! Oh hell no! Oh fuck no!" Ross then closes out 6ix9ine's livestream. The video can be seen below.

In a follow-up Twitch stream, Ross clarified that the woman in 6ix9ine's livestream actually isn't his sister, saying that the mistaken identity was due to the quality of the video.

"I thought it was, it was the quality of the video, that's not my sister, OK?" he explained. "My sister is not dating 6ix9ine, OK? They have never linked, they don't do...I'm pretty sure 6ix9ine has a girlfriend. But yeah, my sister is not dating 6ix9ine. They have never linked. They have never met."

The California-based online gamer goes on to add, "I watched the video. You could see, you could totally tell it's not her. I'm not baiting. I'm literally telling you they're not dating."

Considering Tekashi's legal issues and track record with trolling, perhaps that's why Adin Ross was so angry when he initially thought his sister was socializing with the Brooklyn native.

Before this incident, 6ix9ine, whose last music arrived in 2021 when he released his single "Zaza," was spotted at UFC 266 featuring headlining martial arts boxer Alexander Volkanovski against Brian Ortega at the T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas last September. At the event, an unidentified man not only heckled Tekashi, but also threw a drink at the rhymer, who launched a beverage back at the man.

That same month, veteran music manager Wack 100 revealed via a Clubhouse conversation that he's working with 6ix9ine on new music as well as negotiating multimillion-dollar contracts for him.

Check out the video of Adin Ross clarifying that his sister wasn't with Tekashi below.

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