When it comes to supporting local non-profits, there might not be an easier and more impactful program than Kwik Care.

If you're not aware, Kwik Care has helped raise both funds and awareness for local nonprofits. Each month, Kwik Stop and Dairy Queen help collect donations for a different organization. Donations can be made easily by requesting your total purchase at any of those businesses (including at the gas pumps at Kwik Stop) be rounded up to the nearest dollar. The additional cents used to round up will be donated to the respective charity of the month.

This month's Kwik Care recipient is Almost Home, a men's and children's domestic shelter in Dubuque. Almost Home provides a safe and stable environment for dads with their children to get off of the streets and work toward a positive long-term outcome, per their website.

Almost Home provides case managers to work with dads to develop a plan for employment, parenting skills, and financial planning skills. They work with children to ensure their well-being through caring adults who accompany them as they enter pre-school or attend school.

Heather Hamm of Kwik Care, who joined me in studio today, spoke about some upcoming events that Kwik Stop will be hosting to promote all the great Almost Home does for their community:

  • Kwik Stop will be hosting an Awareness Night for Almost Home at Dairy Queen on Pennsylvania Avenue on July 2nd from 5 - 7pm. The public is invited to stop by and learn about Almost Home and the safety and security it provides for dads and their children alike.
  • Almost Home will be hosting an "Open Closet" event on July 6th. where dads and children are welcome to come in and "shop" in their closet to obtain the clothes and garments they need. These Open Closet events take place the first Saturday of each month (9am - 11am) and the third Thursday of each month (3pm - 5pm).
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Here are all the locations where you can make a donation to Almost Home in the month of July:

  • Kwik Stop on Pennsylvania Avenue
  • Kwik Stop on JFK Road
  • Kwik Stop on University Avenue
  • Kwik Stop on E. 16th Street
  • BP Kwik Stop on E. 16th Street
  • Kwik Stop on Twin Valley Drive (Key West)
  • Kwik Stop on Gateway Drive
  • Family Mart by Kwik Stop on 32nd & Central
  • Kwik Stop in Peosta
  • Kwik Stop in Delhi
  • Kwik Stop on Kerper Boulevard

All month long, Kwik Stop and Dairy Queen will be taking donations that will go directly to Almost Home via the aforementioned Kwik Care canisters at the counter or if customers request their purchase-total be rounded up to the nearest dollar (the difference going to Almost Home). You can also make a donation via the brand new Kwik Stop Rewards app too!

Take a listen to my interview with Heather Hamm of Kwik Stop below to learn more about Almost Home! Almost Home is located at 1276 White Street in Dubuque.

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"Free Santa Day" at Kwik Stop on Pennsylvania Avenue

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