Unspeakable tragedy was avoided in the quiet town of Mount Horeb, WI, but the scars of this incident are sure to be felt for a significant time after.

On May 1st, 2024, law enforcement shot and killed an armed student outside Mount Horeb Middle School. This was confirmed yesterday by Wisconsin Attorney General Josh Kaul. Kaul didn't provide many details about the student/victim except for the fact that the student was male.

The incident caused Mount Horeb School District to go into lockdown for most of the day Wednesday, per Channel 3000. Students were able to be reunited with their families at around 5pm that evening. Kaul also added that officers involved in the incident were wearing body cameras at the time.

Mount Horeb Middle School cancelled class through today (Thursday, May 2nd), but students and staff will be able to access counseling and other resources. The status of Friday classes is to be determined.

Jeanne Keller, who was running her quilting shop down the block from the school at the time of the shooting, told The Associated Press via phone she heard a few successive gunshots:

It was maybe like pow-pow-pow-pow. I thought it was fireworks. I went outside and saw all the children running [....] I probably saw 200 children. - Jeanne Keller via The Associated Press per Channel 3000

Dane County Executive Joe Parisi issued a statement following the incident:

May 1st, 2024 will be a date not forgotten. Moments like this turn lives upside down, cause trauma, sorrow, and a moment of reflection for all of us. To the young people, their families and educators, no words can say enough of how much we as a community are here for you and grieve with you.


Dane County is a close knit community. We are here for you and will continue to be. To our first responders, thank you for once again stepping forward to help in another moment of critical need. Let’s all take a moment today to hug our kids and come together to help Mount Horeb heal. - Dane County Executive Joe Parisi, per Channel 3000

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