Beyoncé is still dealing with a lawsuit from late comedian Messy Mya and her estate over her vocals being used on "Formation" last year. The pop star's legal team is now asking the court to toss out the lawsuit, as they believe Mya's sister has "grossly overstated" the use of her spoken word in the track's music video.

According to the Hollywood Reporter, attorney Mary Ellen Roy is arguing that "the heir has grossly overstated the use of Barre's work in the "Formation" video and its subsequent use during live performances."

"Among its many references to New Orleans, the Music Video used a total of approximately ten seconds of audio from two YouTube videos featuring Anthony Barré — also known as 'Messy Mya' — walking through the streets of New Orleans speaking to the camera and interacting with others along the way," Roy wrote in a statement. "About six seconds of that same audio was played at Beyoncé’s performances of the Song during the 'Formation World Tour.'"

Roy also argues the music video producer licensed the work of the Youtube star's videos prior to releasing the visuals last year.

"[W]hile beyond the scope of this motion, Pretty Bird licensed the YouTube Videos from Mr. Barré’s family before plaintiff Angel Barré had herself appointed as the administrator of the Estate of Anthony Barré weeks after the Music Video’s premiere — presumably for the purpose of bringing this action," she wrote.

If you recall, a lawsuit against Queen Bey and everyone connected with the track was filed back in February by the estate of Anthony Barre, who is known on Youtube as Messy Mya. The estate is seeking royalties, damages and an order that Barre be credited as a writer, composer, producer and artist on the track.


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