Boonville, Indiana, in the southern portion of the state near Evansville, is home to some interesting stories like mountain lions living in the coal mines, Black Annie in the woods near Scales Lake, but this is the first time I have heard of a cryptid creature roaming the area.

Supposedly, a sloth/ape hybrid was spotted in Boonville around 1937. The town even set out traps to try to capture this creature, according to the video "The History of Hoosier Cryptids- [Indi]android Ep. 10". The sitings had residents living in fear. They wouldn't let their kids go out at night for fear that they might get snatched up by this ape/sloth/giant creature. Apparently, it was madness.

There's a theory that local landowners started the rumor to keep people from stealing their blackberries. Did people really spot this creature? Was it just landowners trying to keep others off of their properties? No one can say for sure.

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