Suga is sticking up for his fans and for fans of broader K-pop acts.

In newly released footage of BTS ahead of their speech at the UN, member Suga addressed the unfair stereotypes and treatment fans of idols and idol groups often face in the music industry.

"They are often belittled for being idol fans. But they’re actually really extraordinary people," he shared, according to Soompi. "Honestly, it’s not easy to do such things just because you like someone."

He continued that it was BTS' fans who really made the difference in their UN appearance, as well as the group's other activist initiatives.

"Honestly, we’re always doing things and talking about things, but that itself doesn’t help people all that much. I don’t think our acting alone is a big help to others. I think what’s really amazing is the fact that the people who like us and support us are taking up [the cause] in that way," he explained.

On October 21, BTS unveiled a behind-the-scenes clip of the group attending the 73rd UN General Assembly back in September, where member RM delivered a powerful speech in support of UNICEF's new "Generation Unlimited" project.

Watch below:


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