Reputation is everything — and in the case of BTS and TWICE, the troupes are continuing to bask in the glory of being the most reputable groups in Korean pop at the moment.

The Korean Business Research Institute, which analyzes industry data each month based on "participation, communication and community awareness" as an indicator of consumer purchasing behavior, found that "Not Today" global superstars BTS once again ranked at No. 1 for April 2017 — their fifth consecutive month in a row in the top spot. Other acts close to the top of the boy band ranking include Highlight, EXO and SEVENTEEN.

As for the girl groups? "Knock Knock" sensations TWICE took the top spot among the ladies, where they've consistently held that spot since November 2016,  followed closely thereafter by PRISTIN, Girl's Day and Red Velvet.

So, we've got to ask: between the two popular troupes, which one is your No. 1 favorite of the most reputable acts in K-Pop?

Place your vote below— we'll reveal the results on April 30.

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