Who is Butter?

There’s no simple answer to that question, but a good place to start would be that Butter is the brainchild of the ridiculously multi-talented Lola Blanc. And while the world is still being introduced to her latest project, chances are you’ve stumbled across Lola’s work at some point or another over the past few years. Lola’s already made a name for herself as a singer, songwriter, and actress: She co-wrote Britney Spears’ 2014 single "Ooh La La", has appeared on American Horror Story, and is now set for her feature film debut in Under the Silver Lake, from It Follows director David Robert Mitchell.

But it’s her music in particular that’s drawn so many of her fans to her, and her songs’ electro-cabaret stylings have garnered the attention of critics from all corners of the internet. However, while Lola’s always colored outside the lines, she explains that with Butter, she gets to swap in some different shades.

“Butter’s sort of my alter-ego, the place I can go to experiment with pop and try different things that wouldn’t necessarily fit under the Lola umbrella," she shares. "Butter is a little shinier, but still kind of weird. I grew up performing as a ventriloquist, and I was Mormon, so it's just sort of in my blood to always want to be a little weird. I love pop music, but I like to stay on the outer fringe of pop.”

This manifesto shines through clearly on Butter’s newest single, "Lifted," a bright, endearingly oddball tune that lays the hooks on heavy bounces off the walls, impossible to predict. "I fell in love with this strange future pop, and immediately knew I wanted to do something with the song,” Butter continues. “‘Lifted’ is me reaching deep into my pop-loving soul and pulling out the weirdest shit I could find.”

The single's video treatment, a collaboration between herself and director Deathcats, is certainly no different. In it, Butter gives us a glimpse of her brilliantly colorful world, featuring an unidentified beast, numerous slabs of butter (of course), and approximately eleven rubber rats.

"Working with Danin (Deathcats) on this video was awesome because her aesthetic and her personality is this really fun blend of cute and odd that I love. And I think it goes perfectly with the song. Sure, cute outfits, but also, like, sitting on a pile of spaghetti and walking a pet lettuce! Totally."

Ultimately, it's "Lifted" that best encapsulates just who Butter is: fun, packed with personality, and completely uninhibited. You’ll be playing this on repeat all day.

Watch below:

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