There is no love lost between Hollywood and Donald Trump.

Tinseltown is coming at the president faster than it can churn out Fast and the Furious movies.

Hollywood, of course, is considered a liberal town, so it's no surprise to see the movers and shakers there express their displeasure, disgust and disdain for the Republican president, who is probably the most divisive commander-in-chief most of us have seen in our lifetimes.

Famous people who have spoken out against Trump on Twitter are so numerous, there's even a Twitter page devoted to it.

Lashing out against the real estate mogul-turned-reality star-turned-leader of the free world has been going on steadily since he announced his he was making a bid for the White House back in 2015, with the chorus of haters growing louder and louder as his campaign gained more steam. Debra Messing became the latest to speak out, going lockstep with a much-publicized speech by Meryl Streep at the Golden Globes back in January.

Twitter is the vehicle of choice, though. It's an easy method for conveying thoughts in a concise format where a mass audience can consume them.

Trump, of course, is no stranger to taking to Twitter to ramble and cut down on anyone with an opinion that opposes his own, so there's always the risk that he could respond with some unflattering words if he became particularly angry when an A-lister called him out.

Here's a look at some scathing tweets celebrities have posted about the president. And keep in mind, this doesn't even include comments made in other media. If we rounded up all the negative comments, we might be sitting here for the remainder of Trump's term in office.

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