The motto of the Cobra Kai dojo is “Strike first. Strike hard. No mercy.” It feels like this news is very much in keeping with that slogan: Months before Cobra Kai Season 4 has even debuted, Netflix has already renewed the show for a fifth season.

The official Cobra Kai account on Twitter announced the news, revealing that “the dojo is about to 5x as rad” with the coming 5th season.

With this fifth installment, there will officially be more seasons of Cobra Kai than there were Karate Kid movies. The show began on YouTube’s now-defunct streaming service YouTube Red. It ran there for two critically acclaimed (but little-seen) seasons before the show was acquired by Netflix, where its reruns of the first two seasons plus the third season became an immediate smash hit.

The first three films all starred Ralph Macchio as Daniel La Russo, battling the evil members of the Cobra Kai dojo and training with his beloved mentor Mr. Miyagi. The fourth, The Next Karate Kid, starring Pat Morita’s Miyagi training a new student, a young woman named Julie Pierce played by Hilary Swank. Julie has yet to appear on the show — one of the few, in fact, as almost every significant member of the old cast has returned at least once — but maybe the fifth season will mark her debut.

Season 4 of Cobra Kai premieres on Netflix this December. Maybe the Cobra Kai Airbnb will be open by then and you could watch it there.

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