From fans celebrating her 2019 Grammy Award nominations to her latest court appearance to her publicized split with Offset, Cardi B has dominated headlines this week. After seemingly addressing the situation earlier this week (Dec. 5), Cuban Doll broke her silence once again regarding her rumored involvement with rumors that Offset allegedly cheated on Cardi B with her and a model by the name of Summer Bunni.

While speaking with TMZ earlier today (Dec. 7), Cuban Doll says that she and Cardi have already cleared the air. "Cardi hit me up," the 20-year old rapper shared with TMZ. "She knows what's up, she knows I have nothing to do with that."

Cuban also denied ever texting with Offset, let alone meeting him, further asserting that her and Cardi are now on the same page after the whole ordeal went down.

"From my understanding, she understands that I have no part in nothing with him," she adds.

After a series of leaked screenshots set the internet aflame, Cardi B posted an Instagram video to relationship, explaining that her and the Migos rapper decided to amicably split after one year of marriage. Cardi has since taken the post down, but fans have certainly gotten the message.

In the leaked screenshots that may have played a role in their split, Offset appears to be arranging a threesome between himself, Summer Bunni and Cuban Doll. However, the texts did not include any involvement from Cuban, who later shared that she and Summer Bunni are no longer friends. Cuban also asserts that Summer Bunni is simply bringing her name into the situation and is merely "clout chasing."

Summer Bunni has also since apologized, explaining in a tearful video that she claimed she didn't know "how serious his marriage was."

Take a look at Cuban Doll explaining that she and Cardi B are on good terms in the clip below.

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