DaBaby has opened up about his altercation with DaniLeigh's brother, Brandon Bills, following their multi-lane fight at a Los Angeles-area bowling alley last month.

During the Charlotte, N.C. rapper's recent appearance on Power 105.1's The Breakfast Club, which aired on Monday (March 7), DaBaby expressed that he's "still scared" from the fight that transpired at Corbin Bowl in Tarzana, Calif. on Feb. 10.

"Yeah man, I don't know how the world works today," he began. "You feel me? I'm still scared of that situation now. I heard it was gonna be rough for me, so I don't wanna speak on that. Nigga might pop up downstairs." DaBaby seems to be saying this with a sarcastic tone.

The Better Than You rhymer went on to reveal that he stayed out of Los Angeles for some time after the drama that occurred between himself and DaniLeigh, the mother of his youngest daughter. In early February, after he and DaniLeigh exchanged words via Instagram Live, followed by Baby telling Dani, who was ultimately hit with two assault charges for attacking DaBaby, to leave his home, DaniLeigh's brother challenged DaBaby to a fight the next time Baby was in Los Angeles.

"I stayed away from L.A. for some months behind that, too," DaBaby shared. "I sure hope I don't gotta run into him again."

When asked how the incident with DaniLeigh and her brother is impacting the rapper's relationship with his daughter, he explained, "That's unfortunate, but I would expect that side...the way I rock behind kids or whatever...that ain't the way we play. I'm not finna play with nothing tied to my kid. That ain't how we rock. My side, we don't rock like that, at all. Shawty can call my mama now and my mama would do whatever, for sure. Right now. That's how we rock and I don't know nothing about that. I ain't passing judgment on nobody, but that should've been intervened on that side. I don't know what you think my daughter's last name is, you know what I'm saying? But it ain't...Somebody should've said, 'Hey, what you doing?' While you're doing that, I'm right here [kissing sound]."

DaniLeigh's brother reportedly filed a lawsuit against the 30-year-old artist following the incident.

DaBaby added that that was one of the "scariest" moments of his life and that he is "terrified."

Watch DaBaby open up on the incident with Brandon Bills around the 30:50-mark below.

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