A self-proclaimed Disney mom went viral on TikTok after sharing footage from a Disneyland K9 unit bomb sniffing training exercise.

TikTok user Gabrielle Gutierrez, a.k.a. @gabruellegutierr on the app, shared her mom was asked to help out with one of the tests for a dog who was in the training program while visiting the iconic theme park. She captured the experience on camera and uploaded the footage to the social media platform.

In the video, Gutierrez's mom can be seen nervously walking through a crowd while pushing a stroller. After making it through a checkpoint, a dog comes after them and alerts its human partner that something is amiss. That's when it is revealed they were stowing away an unwelcome item in the stroller — and the dog successfully passed the test!

"Diseny's K-9 unite asked us to help them with a K-9 bomb sniffing training," she wrote over top of the footage. "Why was my mom so nervous acting like an actual criminal?"

Watch the cute video below:

Gutierrez's video rapidly racked up nearly 550,000 views on the app with plenty of viewers rushing to the comments section.

"The way she's walking," one TikTok user wrote alongside a slew of laughing emojis. "She's like walking so stiff."

"Dog probably only sensed her anxiety & not even what was planted," another commented.

"I feel her anxiety," another added. "I would be nervous it would be real."

Gutierrez replied that her mom had the same thoughts. "She's like what if the guy wasn't a real officer and this is a real bomb?"

In a follow-up video Gutierrez explained that her family was approached by an officer outside Disneyland, who proposed they participate in the training exercise. Check out the clip below:

It appears that Gutierrez and her family enjoyed the rest of their time in Disneyland. The TikTok user shared several more videos from within the park over the following days.

Check one out below:

Inside the Magic notes both Disneyland and Disney World utilize a K9 team as part of  the parks' multi-layered security systems. The Disney Parks blog introduced guests to several of the precious dogs and their human partners in a post earlier this year.

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