Doja Cat is ready to call it quits and hang up her mic after a controversy in Paraguay led to her being called out by fans.

In a set of now-deleted tweets that were posted by Doja last night (March 24), the Californian rapper said that she was throwing in the towel on rapping. She was due to perform at Asuncionico 2022 - Music Festival Wizard in the South American country, but was unable to do so due to a major storm that caused flooding and major damage. However, it appears that how she handled the situation is what fans are griping over. Not the fact that the storm thwarted her show.

"This shit ain't for me," Doja apparently tweeted. "It's gone and I don't give a fuck anymore I fuckin quit I can't wait to fuckin disappear and I don't need you to believe in me anymore. Everything is dead to me, music is dead, and I'm a fucking fool for ever thinking I was made for this this is a fucking nightmare unfollow me."

Her Twitter bio name is also: "i quit."

Several fans from Asuncion, Paraguay, where the festival was supposed to take place, have gone on Twitter to offer their version of what transpired.

Doja Cat apparently arrived on March 22 to perform at one of the country's largest festivals. Machine Gun Kelly and rock band the Foo Fighters appear to have been in town for the festival as well.

Nonetheless, one Twitter user in particular, @egochimmy, explained that when artists come to town, residents parlay outside of their hotels to greet them, singing their songs and welcoming them. Doja's show was set to take place at 9:30 p.m., but was canceled because of the inclement weather that resulted in flooding and deaths because the country's infrastructure is not equip to handle such heavy torrential rains.

Fans from the country were devastated at the turn of events, which was addressed by other artists via social media, including Machine Gun Kelly, who put on a show outside of his hotel room for his fans as an alternative solution.

The Twitter user asserted that it was not expected for Doja Cat to take the same or even similar measures for her fans, but they were hoping for some sort of acknowledgment from her, which they apparently did not receive.

Another fan said people actually did wait outside of her hotel at one point, prior to the storm, but she didn't come out.

Images were also shared of the devastation the storm caused where fans and residents had to seek shelter.

One of the fans claimed on Twitter that some of Doja's supporters did refer to her using slurs because she opted not to acknowledge them in any capacity. The fan also offered her an apology and condoned that behavior.

Then, one of the fans who explained play-by-play what actually took place, said that a staff member from a local bar tweeted that Doja Cat had a private event at their establishment and requested that no one "look her in the eye" while there.

The tweet is in Spanish, but translates to: "Doja Cat asked that nobody look her in the eye in black, BUT WHO SSOSSSSS jajqjqjqjjqq."

People then seem to have been left with the impression that Doja was rude following that particular incident, coupled with her not acknowledging fans when she arrived in Paraguay or prior to departing.

Her since-deleted tweets supposedly followed shortly after. All the while, her fans claim they just felt dismissed and disregarded by her actions.

And while explanations were offered to show both sides of the story, others are accusing Doja of attempting to play victim.

One person typed, "Stop playing the victim, there is a limit and you made fun of poverty, what a desillusion, sad."

Another wrote, "Stop to manipulate your fans only cause you don’t wanna take accountability for the things you say or make. Changing the narrative to make you the victim it’s fucking gaslighting. Stop acting like you don’t wanna wake up tomorrow and make another viral on tiktok lol."

A third user said, "Y'all don't understand why Paraguayans are mad for. It's not because she never went outside to say hi, it's because she had the nerve of calling them out for not being there when she was leaving (???¿??¿) When they actually were there and get ignored idk what's not understandable."

XXL has reached out to a rep for Doja Cat for a comment on this matter.

Find more reactions to Doja Cat's response to her performance in Paraguay being canceled and how she handled it below.

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