EDITOR'S NOTE: Thank you to everyone who voted in the 2018 Fan Showdown. Unfortunately, due to fraudulent voting activity, we have suspended the contest at this time. We will continue our search for the fiercest fandom at a later date.

PopCrush's 2018 Fan Showdown is a month-long competition to determine the most dedicated fan base. Solo artists, groups, and ex-group members will all face off until a winner is crowned on May 1.

Sam Smith's Little Sailors, Bruno Mars' Hooligans, Eminem's Stans, and Shawn Mendes' Mendes Army have made it past the surprise-filled first round. But who will survive the next cut? Is your fandom truly the fiercest, or did you just catch a lucky break? The battle continues now.

Round 2 of the competition begins Wednesday, April 11,  and ends on April 16 at noon; Round 3 begins April 17 at noon and ends April 22 at noon; the Final Four begins April 23 at noon and ends on April 25 at noon; and the winner of the final showdown will be revealed on May 1.

You can view the full bracket here and vote in each quadrant below.

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