FBG Duck has reportedly been shot and killed in his hometown of Chicago.

Daniel O'Shea, Deputy Chief for the Chicago Police Department, announced in a press conference Tuesday evening (Aug. 4) that three people were shot and one killed in the city's Gold Coast neighborhood this afternoon.

"At approximately 16:37 hours today, right here in the 100 block of East Oak Street, we had three individuals shopping," O'Shea began as he explained the details of the shooting. "Two vehicles pulled up. Four individuals exited those vehicles, two from each vehicle, and began firing at the individuals that were on the sidewalk outside of one of the stores here. They also struck a female that was in one of the vehicles, which was also parked outside one of the stores here."

Chief O'Shea then confirmed that one person died in the shooting and two others were injured. "Right now we have one male, Black, 26 years old, transported to Northwestern Hospital, where he was pronounced deceased," he continues. "We have one female, Black, 26 years old, who was also transported to a hospital. She's currently in serious condition. And we have an additional male, Black, 36 years old, also in serious condition at Northwestern Hospital."

According to a report from Chicago's local CBS 2, a witness shared their account of what happened and said an altercation transpired, which led to gunfire. Gunshots were reportedly exchanged between two people and one man ran towards Michigan Avenue. Afterwards, additional shots were fired.

A rep close to FBG Duck's team confirmed to XXL tonight that the rapper has died. He was 26 years old.

Duck, born Carlton Weekly, was a member of Chicago's Fly Boy Gang and has been dropping music for nearly 10 years. Duck released Look At Me in 2014, and a two-project long series called How I'm Coming in 2016 and 2017. Then, he dropped the sequel to Look At Me in 2018.

That same year, FBG Duck spoke with XXL and revealed that he isn't the tough person that people make him out to be. "Everybody thinks I’m this tough guy and that’s not necessarily true," Duck explained during his The Break interview. "I’m actually really quiet, humble and loyal. I love to make jokes and have a good time—I’m really a people person."

He also said that his goal in the rap game was to produce quality music and maintain positivity while doing so. "I don't wanna do nothing else but make good music, stay positive, and be great," he said. "And never go broke."

Duck was content with being himself, but he did aspire to make millions like Jay-Z and Dr. Dre.

XXL has reached out to reps for FBG Duck for a comment.

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