Between back to school shopping and fashion week, September is truly the month of fashion reinventions and celebrating personal style—and who are more stylish than our resident reigning pop stars?

PopCrush Best Dressed is a month-long competition to determine the ultimate style stars of 2017!

In Round 1, edgy pop foursome Fifth Harmony—known for their coordinated onstage outfits and chic award show looks—beat out Halsey with a whopping 66% of votes. In this round, the band faces off with Ariana Grande, she of tight ponytails, oversize tops and thigh high boots, who won against Miley Cyrus in Round 1.

The battle pushes forward: Place your vote between Fifth Harmony and Ariana Grande for 2017’s Best Dressed! Round 2 ends Monday, September 25 at 11:59 p.m. EST.

Fifth Harmony Through the Years:

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