Putting a unique spin on something usually opens the road to success, especially when talent is already part of the equation. In hip-hop, artists take off so fast and exist in a world where the music is everywhere, making it easy to fall in another rapper's sound. Staying true to an original sound is a lesson in consistency and self-belief, plus a solid understanding of how to blend influences. Fresco Trey does just that. The 22-year-old Memphis native, who's been doing music since he was 2 years old, finally had his breakthrough moment in 2020, with his song, "Feel Good." The fun, pop-influenced trip through his world of romance and success has been life-changing. Soon after the track dropped, he signed to Warner Records and released a version of the song with Lil Tjay in 2021, which is knocking on more than 6 million Spotify streams.

Fresco Trey is a different talent in that his rap and R&B adjacent songs also blend in pop melodies, but none of it feels contrived or forced. He sings and raps like a natural, and his understanding of song structure is why his career has been moving so fast. Inspired to make music by his older sister, who is a singer, he kept putting time into his craft and made his first song i 2018, after pivoting away from his hoop dreams. Nowadays, with the success of Trey's 2021 project, Heartbreak Diaries, and his February single "Need You" already having over 10 million streams, it's clear he's in the right place at the right time.

Check out Fresco Trey's The Break Live interview below.

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"Feel Good" featuring Lil Tjay

"Fresh Off A Heartbreak"

"Need You"

Heartbreak Diaries

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