Google celebrated Halloween 2020 with a sequel to a well-loved game from its past, an underwater-based sequel to 'Magic Cat Academy.'

The game harkens back to the 2016 Halloween Doodle which CNet remembers as

a game that features Momo, an adorable black cat with magic powers who is racing the clock to save her school from a horde of invading spirits. By swiping your cursor vertically, horizontally or other patterns, you control Momo's magic wand as she vanquishes ghouls trying to take over the hallowed halls of her school.

For 2020, the game remains similar as you draw lines, arrows and shapes to vanquish ghosts and other ghoulish creatures. However, the setting places Momo, our hero cat underwater in a diving helmet and in a location sure to make you nostalgic for the underwater words in the original Super Mario Brothers, minus the zombie fish that plague Momo in the Google game.

9 to 5 Google takes you through the gameplay:

Levels get progressively harder with more specters (and shape combinations) converging on you, though this cat — appropriately — has five lives and the ability to get shields. Your score is noted in the top-right corner....

[The 2020] Google Doodle takes place underwater “with new friends, old foes, and spooky surprises.” This “subaquatic shriek-quel” has new aquatic foes in each level: Immortal Jellyfish, Boops Boops, Vampire Squid, and Angelfish.

Check out the Google Doodle game living in perpetuity here.

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