Chrisette Michele has been catching all of the flack after she accepted an offer to perform at President Donald Trump's Inauguration Ball this past week. The singer has been getting tons of backlash from fans and the music community for her choice to perform for the controversial entrepreneur, with many deeming her as a sellout. Since her performance, Michele has been defending herself consistently, releasing statements about wanting to be the voice of her people, as well as doing a viral interview with the Breakfast Club this week that had many still giving her the side eye.

Now, one of her music colleagues is coming to her defense to give fans a new perspective on Michele's choice. India.Arie penned an open letter on the topic, as she is known for her outspoken and intelligent nature within her music, and outside of her art.

In the letter, Arie emphasizes that she does not agree with Michele's choice to perform, and says that she would never do it herself, however, she is open about understanding where she's coming from.

"Do I agree with her performing at the inauguration? NO. I would have NEVER done it. For any price, under any circumstance. but thats ME,” she continued. “Do I agree with her having the CHOICE? YES. Do I think I understand the nuance that went into her decision? NO!!" She continued, "Life is NUANCED, and before you straight up attack someone who, heretofore had been a gifted, talented, respectful, at LEAST, entertaining part of your world, – give them a chance to be human, complex, sometimes contradictory, … you know.. HUMAN."

Arie states that even though she doesn't agree with Michele's decision to perform, it doesn't mean that she doesn't deserve someone to defend her. She also encourages those that are against Michele and what she is standing for to take action so they can back up their outrage.

Read India.Arie's open letter here, and let us know your thoughts.

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