One month after the release of his debut record, SYRE, Jaden Smith has returned with a surreal new video for album standout “George Jeff.”

The visually stunning clip finds Smith armed with a Polaroid camera and standing amidst a sweeping, pastel-colored canyon in line with the project’s cover art. He spends the first half of the clip spitting bars before the frame flips upside down, at which point he starts staring dreamily at his surroundings, his sister’s voice softly calling him back to reality.

The video is the fourth to come from SYRE, following last month’s “ICON”—which dropped on the same day as the album and was set in the same canyon—and “Batman” and “Watch Me,” both released in July. Two of the record’s major draws—the Raury-assisted “Falcon” and A$AP Rocky-featured “Breakfast”—have yet to receive matching visuals.

Smith, meanwhile, has already been making plans for his next record. Last Wednesday, he tweeted that his second effort, ERYS—a palindrome for SYRE—will be out in 2018. That’s a breakneck turnaround for the 19-year-old rapper, who spent three years making SYRE. It’s also an impressive feat considering his busy schedule. Outside of music, Smith is set to appear in two films next year: coming-of-age skateboard flick Skate Kitchen and romance drama Life in a Year, in which he’ll co-star alongside Cara Delevingne.

An official release date for ERYS has not yet been announced. Watch the video for “George Jeff” below.—Dana Getz

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