Yesterday, during their continued PDA tour, Justin Bieber and Hailey Baldwin were temporarily stranded in the Hamptons after their Benz broke down in the middle of the street. Rather than merely waiting for help to arrive, though, Bieber — in a true act of samaritanism — got out and began directing traffic around his car.

Just imagine driving down the road on a casual Monday and there's Justin Bieber, waving you by in a tank top as you scramble to turn down the My World 2.0 album you were just blasting, as if he is an actual normal person and not someone who has a close personal relationship with Usher. Let the visual sink in.

Passersby, bless their hearts, were on-hand to document the ordeal for social media, gifting the internet with a video that is both utterly mundane and a mandatory must-watch. See it below. You're welcome in advance.

Paparazzi also snapped a few photos of Bieber and Baldwin looking pretty distraught, but People reports police eventually showed up to relieve Bieber of his self-imposed traffic duties, and mechanics removed the car. Bieber and Baldwin, assumedly, caught a ride somewhere else to continue making out in parks and holding hands on busy sidewalks. (You know, as all exes-turned-friends-who-have-yet-to-confirm-their-relationship-but-are-definitely-dating are wont to do).

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