Justin Bieber may currently be social distancing during the COVID-19 pandemic, but that doesn't mean he isn't getting social!

On April 24, PopCrush Nights host Kayla Thomas briefly caught up with the Biebs during a fun, casual Friday night virtual hangout on Instagram Live, where the radio host chatted with him about everything from his love of animals to who he'd like to watch duke it out during an Instagram Live hip-hop music battle.

When Kayla showed off her kitty, Milo, to Justin, he shared that he "loves cat" and that he and his wife, Hayley, have a few pet cats back at their home in California, where a friend is currently watching and taking care of them. (Justin and Hayley are currently quarantined in Canada.)

He also admitted they've been thinking of getting into the trend of fostering some animals in need of a home during the quarantine. "Hayley was talking about that, too," he shared, playfully adding that his wife told him that she wants to "bottle feed a baby dog or a baby cat." (Same, Justin, same...)

Justin also revealed, to the delight of his fans, that he's been creatively productive while spending more time at home — time he's used to work on "recording songs and making [new] music" as well as tap more info his faith, something he credits with getting him "through my journey in life."

"Sometimes it's hard to express your faith because you're afraid of what people will think," he admitted, adding it's important to step out, be yourself and say, "'This is what I believe and you don't have to believe what I believe ... but maybe it'll help you, or maybe it doesn't.'"

It's also clear Justin's been keeping touch with fans and friends — and passing the time — on Instagram Live, though he hasn't yet participated in any of the epic Instagram Live hip-hop "battles" that have been going on between artists such as Lil Jon and T-Pain.

And while he wouldn't say who he'd like to go up against in an Instagram Live battle, he did reveal he'd like to see Jay-Z and Lil Wayne or Beyonce and Rihanna go head to head, admitting the latter would be "too hard" to choose a winner for.

"Music isn't about being better or worse than somebody else," Justin added. "It's about celebrating life and music and art so I don't really think it should be a challenge."

When Kayla posed Chris Brown as a possible competitor for the "Yummy" singer, Justin agreed that a battle between him and his fellow R&B/pop superstar would be a cool experience. "I've always looked up to him and his music. I think he's a great guy," he gushed.

Another artist Justin's always looked up to? His early career mentor, Usher, whose #ClimaxChallenge has taken over Instagram! When Kayla jokingly asked "Usher's prodigy" why he hasn't done the #ClimateChallenge yet, Justin laughed and exclaimed that he was going to "do it the other day... but I forgot!"

"I'll do it tomorrow," he promised.

Watch the full Instagram Live conversation between Kayla and Justin, up top.

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