Kanye West has voiced that he wants to put the finishing final touches on his life-chronicling documentary, but the directors aren't letting him infringe on their creative abilities.

According to a report from Rolling Stone on Tuesday (Feb. 1), Coodie and Chike, who are overseeing Ye's three-part Netflix docuseries, Jeen-Yuhz, are denying the rapper access to the film that would allow him to do any final edits he sees fit for the documentary.

Apparently, the men weren't given a heads up regarding Kanye wanting "creative control" and have no intention on opening the editing room to the Chicago rapper.

"Me and Chike have a company called Creative Control because you don’t want to lose your creative control," Chike said.

On the other hand, the film creatives are not surprised by Kanye wanting to commandeer the final editing process.

"If Kanye wasn’t as polarizing of a character as he was, we wouldn’t have an interesting doc," Chike continued. "This just comes with the territory. This is Kanye’s personality, so you just embrace it and then it’s going to take us, take us wherever it takes us…This is the person that we’re dealing with. We all know what we’re dealing with."

Earlier this week, Coodie reportedly ran into Kanye West and inquired about Ye's Instagram post from last month, in which he put Netflix on blast and demanded the directors of Jeen-Yuhz "open the edit room immediately" so he can be in charge of his own image.

Coodie said the Donda 2 rhymer didn't mention the docuseries at the time.

"I asked him, did he watch the film? And he said, 'I have a process,'" Coodie added. "I said, ‘That’s great that you got your process.’ And we just talked as brothers from that point."

Kanye West's Jeen-Yuhz documentary, which touches on his life, music career, failed presidential run and more, is set to premiere on Netflix on Feb. 16.

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