On Saturday (January 5) Kris Jenner took to Twitter to tease a big reveal from daughter Kendall Jenner that was "brave and vulnerable." She tweeted that she was proud of Kendall for sharing "her most raw story" and making a "positive impact for so many people."

Fans weren't sure what to expect, but braced themselves for something major and moving. Some wondered if the model and social media star was going to come out as gay or bi. Some theorized she might reveal a struggle with anxiety.

Whatever it was, they were keeping their eyes on Kendall's Twitter Sunday night, just like mama Jenner had instructed.

Then, Sunday night, just 30 minutes before the Golden Globes started, it happened. Kendall revealed the big news with a quote retweet and heart emoji.

She... is... the new spokesperson for Proactiv acne treatment.

Not quite the "raw" and "moving" reveal fans were expecting. And they sure weren't shy to let the model and influencer know how they really felt.

Fans (and critics) on Twitter immediately began firing off reactions to the news many deemed underwhelming, especially after such a big tease from mom Kris. Some were accepting, some were mean (oh, Twitter), but most were hilarious.

Check out some of our favorite Twitter reactions to Kendall's big news.

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