It looks like there may be some answers on the way for Kim Kardashian and her loved ones regarding the October 2016 robbery that left her in shock.

During the traumatizing experience, the social media maven was tied up, had a gun pointed to her head, and robbed of $10 million worth of jewelry, Now, three months later, authorities may have finally be getting the real story as to who was responsible for the attack.

According to French newspaper, Le Monde, 17 people were arrested this week for their possible connection to the incident. The paper is also reporting, however, that Kim's longtime Paris limo driver was among those arrested.

There have already been many theories that the robbery was an inside job, and the 27-year-old driver being a suspect only suggests that the theory could be true. The paper also says that Kim, her husband Kanye West, and many members of the Kardashian and Jenner family has used the same limo service in the French city for years. Authorities are reportedly hoping to find out if the driver passed on information to those who committed the heist, which helped them plan out the best moment to commit the act.

Among those arrested in a 72-year-old man, with reports suggesting that he may have been the one who initially organized the crime. We will have to see how everything plays out, as the police have a limited amount of time before they have to either give out charges, or release the suspects.

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